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Training & Development

The spirit of learn ability among our people and an organizational commitment to continuous personal and professional development keeps Porus at the forefront in a fast – changing industry. Our framework for continuous learning at Porus is built around a number of focused programs for our employees.

Our investment in people and infrastructure to build a holistic learning framework demonstrates our commitment to continuous learning and building intellectual capital for our employees. This learning framework is continuously enhanced with new programs and the latest learning techniques and close – knit coordination across these initiatives ensures that it meets the different learning needs of our employees in specific areas of technology, management, leadership, communication skills and other soft skills.

  • Training and development initiatives are available at each milestone and cover the following:
  • Training for New Entrants
    We have an entry – level training program which is for duration of two weeks.
  • Quality Process Training
    Porus has a strong focus on quality processes and methodologies. This training is tailored to the roles assigned from time to time.
  • Personal Effectiveness and Managerial Programs
    Programs to enhance the managerial capabilities and leadership abilities, to enable better customer satisfaction, achieve organizational vision and create high performing multicultural teams are arranged.