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Business Model

In the wake of globalization and diversification of technology, the needs of businesses have become more complex. At Porus, we understand that every client is different and offer multiple flexible engagement models to cater for these specific needs.

Porus’s engagement specialists customize these models around the client enterprise specifics - from business goals and practices to project management requirements. An efficiently developed framework channels all partnership processes, whereas a properly organized and structured model helps combat risks and ensures on time delivery of services.

Porus has the following Business engagement models:

Project based

Our distinguished services include skilled and experienced resources to ensure quick turnaround with clear predictability. Price model can be either fixed cost or resource based.

  • Project based engagement model is a low risk model that suits your organization, given the following conditions:

  • Functional aspects and deliverables are well specified
  • Project needs are diverse
  • Project is small scale
  • Low development costs
  • Post-project support needs are minimal
  • Well defined parameters such as time, budget etc

Dedicated Based

When your organization has a long term on-going project that requires regular development activity or support, with no clear predictability, then Dedicated based model fits the bill. It’s apt when there are evolving needs around any software application or product for enhancement, upgrades and maintenance.
With added advantages like dedicated resources working exclusively on long term basis, protection of your IP rights and price protection with market changes on resources cost for agreed period. We suggest ‘Dedicated based’ engagement when your organization wants to setup extended offshore development facility with set of resources working exclusively for your specific projects on continued basis.

Joint Venture

Achieving perfection and excellence in the world of business can only be, by taking account of all the business uncertainties along with balancing opportunities and risks with perfection. At Porus, we look forward to collaborations with congruous companies who wish to mutually share the rewards and risks.
We can be the wind under your wings and add a new dimension to your product development ideas, provide diversification into a new business idea or set-up a dedicated offshore development center etc. Both the companies can work out individual contribution in terms of investment, value addition through other means like infrastructure, resources, technology know-how etc to make this venture a success.