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Engagement Models

Porus offers flexible delivery models leaning on their experience and proven expertise with a focus on quality thereby successfully delivering results within the prescribed time and budget. Our client–centric view helps us design customized delivery model structures depending on your organizational needs. Explore these flexible, responsive, proven delivery models to find the one that best suits your needs.

Offshore Delivery

Porus’s Offshore Model is ideally suited for small/medium projects with clear project goals and deliverables for long–term development, support and maintenance needs. Insufficiency of skilled staff, lack of responsive resources, and cost–effective scalability to achieve project deadlines is a constant concern for most IT organizations. This model is targeted at tackling such hurdles by empowering your enterprise to be resource ready and is cost–effective for all budgets.
With constant updates on current project advancement, we assure timely communication between your organization and us while ensuring hand-in-hand documentation work for on-track project progress. Our Offshore Delivery team emphasizes on leveraging the time zone variation between continents so that your organization can successfully address coverage requirements while reducing operational costs and we provide optimum support.

  • Offers highest cost advantages and ROI to clients (about 30-45% reduction in cost on average over a 18-24 month period)
  • Is the most frequently used model by Porus's clients

Onsite Delivery

Leveraging our experience, skills and our client–centric approach, we deliver a stable and customized Onsite Delivery Model for your organization. Aptly suited for open–ended projects that require close co-ordination with your organization, Porus’s Onsite Delivery Model deploys resources at your location.

Opting for this model assures dedicated professionals with appropriate skills and knowledge assigned at your organization for a particular phase/entire project as is appropriate to your unique requirements and the nature of the project assignment.

Our team members function as a true extension of your staff, transitioning smoothly into existing and/or new project teams. If your organization functions on a collaborative level and you must coordinate business, technical and stakeholder interests, we can help. We are dedicated to delivering the results as per the project requirements and plan.

Hybrid Delivery

Porus’s Hybrid Delivery Model combines the elements of offshore and onsite delivery models to provide the best of both worlds. Our model is result oriented, and designed to be dynamically responsive to your project and organization’s changing needs. If the teams are working in tandem, the onsite and offshore team members collaborate to ensure that your tasks are completed in time and in a way that provides, quality, value and focus to your organization.

Our staff consists of experienced team members who manage tasks across incongruent time zones and also collaborate remotely to achieve the expected outcome. The mix of offshore and onsite team members provide excellent value to cost ratio and creates a well-structured, high-functioning resource network.

Whether your organization requires dedicated onsite resources, a rapid response development team, or a distinctive combination of resources and services, Porus has a delivery model to suit your needs.

  • Reduces the time needed from your team to coordinate tasks and write business specifications
  • Allows you to extend your day and realize greater productivity and faster results
  • Helps you manage offshore and outsourced work quickly and easily since some tasks with tighter deadlines or that require close discussions with your team can be accomplished by the Porus onsite consultant