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Cloud Application Development

Porus Software teams are dedicated cloud services enthusiasts to help organizations achieve their goals, business objectives by adopting, managing and enhancing cloud solutions. We offer specialized services around Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Microsoft, Google enterprise technology solutions, as well as local cloud and on-site infrastructures. While we offer IT services, software development, mobile application development, UI/UX Design & Development, product management, technology consulting and many more IT solutions, we utilize the globally scalable and adopted cost-efficient cloud solutions partners to serve our clients globally.

Developing and deploying applications on the cloud requires careful assessment and planning for security, scalability, capacity and integration with other on-premise or cloud applications.

Whether you need a web or service cloud application; accessed via mobile devices, desktop app or a browser; our cloud application architects and developers will help steer your cloud application development initiatives in the right direction. We can help in selecting the right type of cloud (public, private or hybrid); choice of platform (such as Azure, Amazon,, or Google App Engine); help develop new or migrate existing applications; and post-deployment help you manage your application and infrastructure. Our Cloud Application Development offerings and expertise include:

Some Advantages of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is designed to easily scale and adapt to the evolving needs of organizations. Cloud technologies can be applicable to organizations in any size globally. Porus Software’s cloud experts are motivated to help organizations leverage the full potential of the cloud and its various solutions. We have established global strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Amazon and many others to design and deliver scalable and flexible custom cloud solutions, IT services and more for businesses. Some of the advantages of the Cloud Technologies are:

Improves Collaboration & Productivity: Teams, employees and clients may create and share docs, spreadsheets, files, projects and more simultaneously on cloud. Our teams help organizations to utilize cloud services such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and marketplace products to significantly improve collaboration and productivity among the workforce. Local or global, we will find the suitable productivity and collaboration solution for your organization.

Geo & Usage Scalability: Cloud computing and cloud infrastructure allows applications and systems to scale without disruption of services. Porus Software utilizes global cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer and local cloud infrastructures to design infinitely scalable architectures to serve variety of organizations; from a local technology product to a global enterprise infrastructure. We design systems and software applications to cope and perform efficiently with the increased workload of your business.

Reserved & On Demand Cost Structure: Your businesses will pay as you go. Cloud computing can offer flexibility on your usage. Rather than a fixed monthly cost, we may design your systems to scale and pay the increased usage on your next bill. If you have increased demand on servers and systems occasionally, your bill will increase only for the usage. No usage, no bill.

Flexibility: As your business grows or slows, your systems and applications require stronger servers, systems, processors..and more. Cloud computing allows you to be flexible on your choices. System configurations can be configured or monitored anytime, based on your requirements, without any additional hardware or licensing investment. Pay as you go based on the demand.

Reduced Capital Costs &Investment: Your businesses do not need hardware investment upfront in order to build and design a large scale application. Instead of building in-house servers and systems, we offer cloud services consulting to utilize optimum cloud configuration to kick start your journey by reducing hardware and system investments. As the business scale, no need to re-invest in updating your internal servers.

Accessibility: Resources, documents, servers, processors, statistics…etc could be accessed and modified anytime globally independent from a device or a platform. Together, we can monitor your usage and stats to optimize your system to deliver the optimum performance and cost structure.

Cloud Offerings:
  • Cloud Assessment Consulting
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Application Migration
  • Cloud Application Integration
Cloud Platform Expertise
  • Windows Azure Application Development
  • Application Development
  • Google App Engine Application Development
  • Amazon EC2 Development
  • Rackspace OpenStack