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Oracle Application maintenance and DBA support

All companies need a cost-effective way of ensuring that their Oracle E-Business Suite remains stable. Porus’s Oracle Applications Technical & Database Administration services provide a company with all of the services needed to ensure a reliable and responsive system. Porus will do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time in-house IT Staff.

Porus specializes in providing Oracle Applications/DBA support for various Customers worldwide with experience of over 3000 Person Years. Porus has a Support Team with a good blend of Senior and Middle Level Technological Architects, DBAs (Core and Apps DBAs) and Application Consultants with a commitment to excellence. Porus provides Oracle Applications/DBA support (on a 24X7 basis) and our services can be customized according to clients’ needs.

Porus protects your data privacy and has a robust, well defined Security Policy and Procedures which are customized further to match the Security Requirements of the Customer before a Support engagement starts working

Typical definitions used to classify reported issues or incidents in terms of severity:
  • Technical Assistance Request (TAR) or a Service Request (SR) will be raised by the Customer through ITS (Instance Tracking System) from Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
  • Helpdesk does an initial check for completeness of the Request and get back to Customers for further details if they are not clear.
  • Sends the TAR / SR to the respective Tech Support Teams (Level 1) to handle Problem/issue. Request will be handled as per the severity of the issue which will be decided based on the issue’s impact on Customer Business. Level 1 Support will suggest different Solutions / Workarounds that can be performed to overcome the issue / problem and if resolved, will update the Solution provided into the TAR as acceptable to the Customer.
  • If they are unable to resolve, this will be escalated to Level2 Support. Support Personnel will investigate, troubleshoot and provide the resolution which will be updated into the TAR to resolve the issue.
  • Helpdesk will compile various metrics, support performance and escalation issues reports and sends them to the Manager concerned.
  • P1 (Priority 1): Problem causes complete loss of service, service is down or significantly impaired, transactions can’t be completed, or business is being lost due to the problem regardless of hardware/software environment and work cannot reasonably continue.
  • P2 (Priority 2): Problem causes severe loss of service in certain areas. No customer acceptable work-around is available however operations can continue in restricted fashion
  • P3 (Priority 3): Problem causes minimal loss of service. The impact is a minor inconvenience

Oracle Core DBA Support

  • Basic Administration
  • Backup service monitoring
  • Database usage reports
  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution
    • Daily “health check” to make sure production runs smoothly
    • Weekly Performance monitoring to ensure that your system continues to run efficiently
    • Ensure adequate disk space for your critical information
    • Daily (remote) check of printers to make sure they are continuing to print
  • Making copies or clones of Applications for testing and development
  • Application and troubleshooting of Oracle patches

Oracle Apps DBA Support

  • Monitoring & Control
    • Applications Dashboard
    • Monitoring & Control Application Tier Services
    • Monitoring & Control Workflow
    • Application Usage
    • Concurrent Processing System Reports
    • System Alert Summary
    • Alert Notification Subscriptions
    • Dashboard Metric Alert
  • System Maintenance
    • Patching
    • Search Applied Patches
    • File History
    • Patch Advisor
    • Patch details
    • Patch Impact Analysis
  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
    • Oracle Application Logging
    • OAM11i Troubleshooting Wizards
  • Configuration Management
    • Edit System Configuration Parameters
    • Configuration History
    • Compare & Restore Settings
    • E-Business Suite System Configuration
    • Find Configuration Problems
  • System Administration & Monitoring
    • Installation
    • Patch Application & Management through Portal for Customer Inquiry
    • Patch Validation & Testing with Customer
    • Problem Reproduction, Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
    • Concurrent Manager Configuration & Management
    • Manage Applications Object Library (AOL)
    • Manage Printer Setup
    • System Monitoring using OSS Support from Oracle
    • Oracle TAR Monitoring & Resolution
    • Release Management
    • DBA Support
    • Oracle User Management
    • Application Bug Alerts

Oracle Apps Developmental Support

Maintenance of Oracle Applications and frequent changes in user requirements can be a complicated and time consuming process for any IT organization. When organizations are faced with such challenges, Porus provides highly skilled Oracle Applications experienced staff that manage and maintain the Applications.

As part of the Application Maintenance services, Prous provides:
  • Patch Applications (One-off patch, patch set, major release and upgrade)
  • Data fixes due to standard Oracle Applications or custom code bugs
  • Enhancements due to changes in user requirements
  • New or modify reports to meet client’s new needs
  • Quality Assurance to support all modifications from beginning to end
  • Regular configuration changes and application support for smooth operation of the system
  • New or modify Interfaces to and from Oracle Applications