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SAP Analytics

Analytics solutions from SAP enable you to anticipate changing market conditions, make better decisions, react to new opportunities, anticipate and proactively take charge of potential risk.

The wealth of SAP’s Analytics solutions provides comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI), information management and performance management required to increase visibility on every aspect of operations and gain a competitive edge.

Key Benefits of SAP Analytics

  • Improve decision making by delivering the right data to the right employee at the right time.
  • Ensure data integrity by validating accuracy and maintaining consistency across data sources.
  • Improve performance with integrated processes and increased accountability.
  • Choose from affordable, comprehensive functionality and flexible licensing options.
  • Achieve a rapid return on investment by starting with a small BI option and scaling easily.

SAP Analytics solutions can be used to help manage all business applications; from planning to profitability, compliance to the monitoring of KPIs and risk. Insights from SAP Analytics allow you to gain a deeper understanding of operational metrics, analyse root causes, simulate scenarios, make predictions, get answers to “what if” questions and aid in guiding the organisation with precision and confidence.

In today’s connected world, SAP Analytics solutions enable the simple interpretation of Big Data from equipment, processes, transactions and people to help improve business performance.

SAP’s Analytics portfolio is designed, packaged and priced to meet the specific requirements of small and medium sized enterprises. Choose from a comprehensive range of functions, including: reporting, business intelligence, analytics, information management, visualization, planning, risk management and compliance. There is an affordable solution, with flexible licensing options, to meet any company’s needs.

Transform data into working reports, build and share critical information on interactive dashboards and visualisations, with instant publishing to mobile devices. Empower users to self-serve data with no burden on IT resource. Support process improvement with reliable, integrated data and aid strategy with risk planning and performance management.

  • Combine and collaborate to visualise trends and opportunities
  • Integrate multiple data sources
  • Publish to third parties (no code necessary) on any device
  • Available as a Cloud, Mobile or On-Premise solution

SAP Analytics delivers key insights to decision makers company-wide; providing essential business intelligence for smaller businesses or departments.

The intelligent pathway to performance!

SAP Business Objects helps large companies all over the world to monitor, understand and manage their business procedures in a way that improves their performance. With the products of Business Objects access to data and creation of business reports is simplified into a drag-and-drop procedure.

SAP Business Objects solutions allow companies to work with their own business vocabulary and to draw important information easily and quickly, anytime and from any place.

Business Intelligence Platform
With an enhanced semantic layer that presents data in plain business terms, self-service information access, modular deployment options, and an optimized IT infrastructure, the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform helps you discover and share insights for informed business decisions.

  • SAP Business Objects BI Platform
  • SAP Business Objects Live Office

Reporting & Analysis
Reporting and analysis tools allow end users to interact with business information and answer evolving business questions with self-service ad hoc reporting, combine and analyze data from multidimensional sources, without advanced knowledge of the underlying data sources and structures. These tools help you deliver insights that are meaningful, actionable, and of real value.

  • SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence
  • SAP Business Objects Analysis, edition for OLAP
  • SAP Business Objects Analysis, edition for Microsoft
  • SAP Crystal Reports

Dashboards and Visualization
Dashboarding solutions help organizations adopt BI and enable users with easy access to trusted key performance indicators (KPIs) for improved business performance through compelling, high impact dashboards and BI applications. Dashboards enable executives with fast and fact decision making proactively through scenario planning and “what-if” analysis.

  • SAP Business Objects Dashboards

Data Discovery & Exploration
empower your business users with easy, self-service access to data discovery functionality – for instant answers to pressing business questions. Provide an intuitive, interactive user experience with immediate response time, and eliminate the need for training and IT assistance. Discover unique insight using beautiful, engaging visualizations.

  • SAP Business Objects Explorer
  • SAP Lumira

Mobile BI
Get secure access to critical business intelligence on any device, whenever and wherever you need it. Analyze keys metrics and uncover data trends on the go -share business insights instantly with others.

  • SAP Business Objects Mobile App
  • SAP Business Objects Explorer Mobile App

Predictive Analytics
A statistical analysis and data mining solution that enables data analysts /business users to build predictive models and visually interact with the data to discover trends and relationships between them, thereby provide the basis for making predictions about future events.

  • SAP Predictive Analysis

Enterprise Information Management
EIM builds a trusted foundation for your business decisions by integrating data from many sources and improving its quality.

  • Data Integration/ Data Quality Management
  • Data Profiling/Metadata Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Content Management
  • Information Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Performance Management
EPM applications help organizations translate their corporate goals into department specific metrics for accelerated and improved planning, budgeting, and forecasting, elevated performance – from high level objectives to operational metrics, streamlined processes, accountability and control, along with risk aware plans.

  • Accelerate Financial Close applications
  • Manage Financial Performance applications
  • Manage Operational Performance applications