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SAP Extended Warehouse Management(EWM)

Companies today are operating in a turbulent economic environment. Every dimension of business requires greater speed and efficiency. The ability to plan and execute efficiently as well as sense and respond to real-time signals is fast becoming a competitive factor. SAP empowers companies to adapt to an ever-changing competitive environment by offering them not only the planning and execution software to manage enterprise operations, but also the visibility and collaboration technology to extend those operations beyond company boundaries.

To keep their supply chains running smoothly, companies need to manage their warehouses efficiently. They are looking for software that can help them improve their warehouse management processes.

The SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) application offers extended warehouse management (EWM) functionality that includes support for inbound and outbound processing, facility management and storage, and physical inventory management as well as for cross-docking, workload balancing, and labor management. This functionality has now been enhanced to provide broader support and is available in the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application for SAP SCM.

Porus’s proven EWM capabilities provide key benefits in the following processes:
  • Inbound processes like yard management, put away and stock removal strategies, expected goods receipt, cross-docking, picking from goods receipt and push deployment, transportation cross docking, value added services, and quality management.
  • Outbound processes like wave processing, and replenishment processing.
  • Internal processes like system driven slotting, rearrangement and cycle counting.
  • Cross-process functions like process-oriented and storage-oriented storage controls, consolidation and deconsolidation of stock/orders and Manhattan driven pick and putaway lanes.
With Porus’s proven capabilities, you get:
  • flexible, automated support for processing goods movements and managing stock in your warehouse facilities
  • planning and execution functions closer, enabling warehouses to take advantage of planning functions as well as complex execution functions
  • option of mapping all your warehouse facilities in detail, down to storage-bin level
  • optimize the use of various storage bins and stock movements as well as store material stocks from several plants together in random storage areas
  • enables you to control and optimize various warehouse processes
Our EWM expertise spans a broad range of application areas, including:
  • Evaluation and implementation
    We evaluate the business process with a fit-gap analysis and provide implementation expertise for a successful implementation of the module.
  • Post Implementation
    • Maintenance
      We provide maintenance and support services after go live to address any issues faced on a day to day transaction basis.
    • Reporting
      We provide reporting tools, both standard and custom built, for easy reporting and evaluation of daily business processes.
    • Integration
      We integrate your system to any required legacy systems and third party tools, for efficient use of the ERP system and effective running of the business processes.
  • Data Migration and Upgrade
    We provide data migration services to effectively transfer the existing data on the legacy system into SAP ERP system, including master data and the existing transactional data, to continue using the system effectively. Also, we provide upgrade services into the newer SAP releases, for support packs etc, for efficient use of the system and to be in sync with the latest technology.