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SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori was released by SAP, targeting the customers of ERP and enhancing their user experience and usability. The new Fiori apps can save both time and money, thereby increasing productivity, improves the employee efficiency and helps in retaining employees.

SAP Fiori is an apps collection for commonly used business processes supported by SAP workflow. SAP Fiori offers various business roles a simple, easy-to-use experience for SAP software functions, and works across multiple devices – Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone.

SAP Fiori provides apps for SAP workflow processes in several areas such as HCM, SD, MM, FI, QM,CRM etc. Furthermore, SAP Fiori also provides functionality for handling generic SAP workflow approvals. This enables the possibility to develop custom apps for company specific SAP workflow processes.

Porus can support you during implementing and using SAP Fiori, which includes BASIS installation and pre-requisites for standard deployment of SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

Based on your requirements, Porus can work with you to develop the mobility strategy suitable for your business, provide mobile access to the SAP Business Suite functions and ensure that you have the required infrastructure. From our knowledge and experience with mobility solution and industry along with best practices Porus work with clients to develop mobility strategies and design mobility solutions.

Business Benefits
  • Simple and easy to use experience
  • Cost effective way of implementing mobility solution
  • Work seamlessly across devices – on Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone
  • Helps to leverage more out of existing SAP Investments
  • View KPIs in real-time and evaluate deviations

SAP® Fiori™ Technology
The technology behind it is SAPUI5 (SAP’s HTML5 + Java Script UI development framework) and NetWeaver Gateway middleware. This enables the Fiori apps to deliver quickly and easily providing value and easy adoption. SAP has found a way to provide both these high end technologies in a single application, and this app arguably is the best of its sort in the market.

Types of SAP Fiori apps
  1. Transactional- Which is task based. (e.g., approving requests by manager)
  2. SAP Smart business- Providing insights to Key performance indicators. (e.g., a cash manager monitoring cash flow)
  3. Factsheet- For search and explore function. (e.g., a financial controller viewing a cost center)

What are SAP® Fiori™ goals?
  • It is designed to simplify all the widely and frequently used SAP applications.

  • Main idea is to make the UX consistent across devices like desktops and mobiles.
  • Gain productivity with ability to be used by workers on the go.
  • Increase user adoption by making it simple, based on HTML 5.
  • Decrease the error rate by the users, immediately makes it more likeable and hassle free.

Porus’s SAP Fiori service provides a set of apps with a simple and spontaneous experience for broadly and repeatedly used SAP software functions that work across many devices such as – desktop, tablet, or Smartphone etc. Workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks these are the some of the business functions with which SAP fiori apps deals with.

Internet and Mobile are the biggest source for selected well-defined functional areas for specific user groups, – this in short is the main idea behind the latest SAP product from the mobile solution range – SAP Fiori. It is a set of ready-to-use mobile applications that support the most widely and frequently used transactions from among different areas of SAP.