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SAP Personas

SAP Screen Personas provides a non-technical approach to modifying traditional SAP GUI screens at a no license cost to SAP customers. SAP Screen Personas is based primarily on user centric enhancement, providing users with role-specific data in the right context, at the right time and in an intuitive format. Representing the paradigm shift often termed “the consumerization of IT,” SAP Screen Personas offers an innovative solution for unlocking business user productivity by providing a 21st century renovation to SAP GUI interface design.

Because SAP Screen Personas is built into the foundation of SAP software, it installs quickly, leverages existing security settings, and follows the standard transport process to bring new screens into the production environment.

SAP Screen Personas provides an amazing ability to create a vastly simplified user experience with a high degree of personalisation without programming to fit individual working styles. Using browser-based software to personalise SAP GUI screens and a drag-and-drop interface, you can hide the fields that users may not need, streamline tasks by automating repeated keystrokes, and improve visual appeal by exposing only the information needed to complete a transaction.

What can be achieved with SAP Screen Personas?

  • Self-intuitive, task-user specific data format.
  • Business specific mandatory field assignment to ensure data integrity.
  • Provide user friendly cross functionality to relevant SAP transactions.
  • Embedded business process logic.
  • Pre-scripting to reduce keystroke entry & mouse clicks.
  • Automate replicable data lookups & data entry tasks.
  • Powerful screen, data tab & data field merging capabilities.
  • Elimination of irrelevant data fields and buttons.
  • Overall, improved user productivity, efficiency & satisfaction.
  • Powerful UI design & corporate branding capabilities.

Our approach to implementing SAP Screen Personas

Porus use a multidimensional, collaborative, mixed methods approach to implementing SAP Screen Personas. Our unique approach, developed through hours of client engagement allows us to harness the power of user centric design in providing the optimal SAP experience to end business users.

Co-innovation using our SAP design user experience workshops helps businesses understand how UX concepts can be used to gain competitive advantage when executing daily ERP business scenarios. Through the philosophy of discussion, discovery, design, development and delivery, we help businesses on their journey to developing the ultimate SAP user interface that reflects the values of usability and desirability without compromising business process system functionality and governance.

Installation Process

The installation process consists of 3 simple steps:

One of the main advantages of this installation is it doesn’t disrupt an organization’s existing IT landscape and also doesn’t need additional servers.

  • Install simple add-on
  • Apply enablement note
  • Assign preconfigured roles to users
Technical Benefits
  • Provides a single UX entry point for all SAP applications designs.
    • Use SAP Screen Personas to enhance any Dynpro screen into the Fiori design.
    • Launch SAP Screen Personas transactions from any of the platforms: Browser, Fiori Launchpad, NWBC or SAP Portal.
  • Provides an intuitive suite on SAP HANA experience.
    • Simplify any of the 10,000+ SAP GUI transaction screens for which no smart Business Cockpit, Factsheet or Fiori app exists.
  • Enables seamless migration to cloud
    • Access any SAP GUI transaction through browser.
    • Eliminate SAP GUI dependency (no need to install any client on desktop systems).
SAP Screen Personas Benefits
  • Deliver a truly simplified and optimised user experience (making SAP leaner, simpler and guided)
  • Improve business-user productivity by providing only the essential screen elements and data needed to complete business transactions
  • Enhance user satisfaction by simplifying complex screens and automating repetitive tasks (e.g. using pre-populated fields and pull-down menus that accelerate data entry while boosting accuracy)
  • Reduce the cost of personalisation by eliminating the need for scripting experts and programmers knowledgeable in the ABAP programming language
  • Decrease training time and costs for SAP software users
  • Provide centralised administration of screen changes
Business Benefits
  • Improve employee productivity in terms of percentage of time spent on data entry.
  • Simplify the user interaction through SAP – enhance adoption of business processes.
  • Reduce the overall employee training costs.
  • Minimize rework and ensure data quality.
  • Improve your company’s image and branding.