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Success Factor

Today’s rapidly and continuously changing business environment demands greater agility than ever and the ability to quickly develop new strategies as circumstances evolve. But, it’s also critical to be able to execute those strategies rapidly and effectively.

The SuccessFactors HCM Suite includes a complete set of tightly integrated talent management solutions, robust workforce analytics and planning, plus a next generation core HR solution.

With over 3600 customers and more than twenty million users in 177 countries, Success Factors HCM Software is the most adopted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business software in the world.

The SuccessFactors HCM suite is comprehensive, engaging and flexible enough to start with any product and expand to every product in the suite.

SuccessFactors ties people strategy to business strategy with workflows, content, insights and expertise that directly impacts business results and drives company success.

Our SuccessFactors Consulting services are for firms that:

  • Are currently looking to transform their talent and HR business processes and systems
  • Have acquired Success Factors and are looking to implement one or more solutions
  • Have already implemented Success Factors and looking to expand or optimize functionality
  • Are looking to migrate from their solution provider to the Success Factors platform
  • Are looking to integrate with leading benefits, payroll and HRIS systems

Our Success Factors Consulting Expertise:

Process Transformations
In today's fast-changing economy, businesses are constantly in need of redefining their processes to align with customer expectations. We understand those transformation initiatives play a direct role and are critical to system implementation projects. Our business process consulting takes "with an end in mind" approach that will help you deliver results—effectively and efficiently.

Our consulting experts understand that implementation goes beyond system configurations. By working closely with you, we understand your business goals, define a clear implementation roadmap, build a system on a solid foundation and help you deploy the system to achieve your desired results.

Data Migration
We can help you with a complete evaluation of your readiness to manage data as an asset, and derive a plan that addresses your organization’s specific system-to-system data migration needs.

Porus offers a comprehensive set of integration services to help integrate SuccessFactors with any cloud or on-premise applications using APIs or other middleware of your choice.

Training & Support
Every implementation requires some level of training and support. Porus Expertise on Demand helps you improve user adoption. Invest in the training and support of your employees to gain the full value from your cloud deployments.

We offer SuccessFactors Optimization services designed to review and achieve maximum value from your SuccessFactors investment. We carry out a comprehensive audit on the effectiveness of your existing landscape and user adoption. We then identify and recommend key areas for improvements that would deliver additional value and capabilities, which might have been overlooked or not available during your implementations.