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Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is an easy to implement outsourcing strategy which allows organizations to staff themselves with skilled IT personals for their projects. Large enterprises and organizations usually opt for IT staff augmentation to get professionals with skill sets not available (or occupied elsewhere) in their staff. IT staff augmentation is a quick and efficient method of increasing your resources and skill sets without worrying about the infrastructure setup, management activities, hiring procedures etc. As the staff is added to an already working setup therefore the basic infrastructure and working protocol is already in effect, hence no need to revise or formulate the whole strategy from scratch. Just a few modifications and additions will complete the absorption procedure of the newly hired staff.

Porus Software understands that the right candidate can make all the difference in the success of your business. Finding the right candidate with the right qualifications and expertise is critical to your organization, that's where Porus Software has excelled.

Porus Software’s Staff Augmentation services offer trained, certified and experienced software professionals at a highly competitive rate. We work as an extension of your IT team either onsite at your location, or off-site at one of our delivery centres under your supervision or managed by Porus Software.

We understand that success of any staff augmentation service is based on providing well trained individuals with the right skills at the right time to suit your IT demands. We take a collaborative approach to plan your skill requirements for the duration of your project and ensure proper on-boarding of individuals or team. Based on your resource forecast and project requirements our flexible approach allows you to ramp up or ramp down the resources or change the domain skill set at any point of time. So whether you need an individual or team of dedicated additional resource Porus Software can help.

Recruiting, Screening And Engaging The Most Qualified Candidates

A consultative approach in finding you the right talent. Our proven staffing and hiring process encompasses five core phases:

To know more about our client’s IT initiative to meet their specific business agendas. At this stage we seek the clarity as to the scope and definition of the position or role for which the resource is required, that will make our staffing process more effective.

The active and passive searches conducted by our professional recruiters help in quickly identifying the most qualified candidates for the desired role. Our experienced recruiters use their industry connections, extensive industry-focused company repository, social and professional media networks. The process involves shortlisting the resources based on how closely the resource matches the skill matrix required for the open position.

At this stage, technical screening of the shortlisted candidates is conducted by our senior technology evaluators for matching the desired skills and qualities beyond what is reflected in their resumes to determine the ‘right fit’ for the open position. The one to one screening is followed by group interview which judges the resource on varied parameters including communication, cognitive and behavioral skills. Background, certification (if any)) and reference checking is done to finalize the process of talent recognition.

To complete the hiring process after finalizing compensation negotiations, we ensure all required documentation – forms, contracts and agreements are in place before the resource starts for any role – permanent, contract or contract-to-hire. This step could also involve entering into contractual agreements with our network partner companies whose direct employee’s services could be availed through us, if that resource is best suited for the desired role.

Having singled out the best fitting resource for the desired role, we present our client with all the relevant profile information relating to the resource for that specific opportunity. Our senior Client Relation coordinator gets involved at this point with the Hiring Manager, to ensure smooth roll over of different stages from scheduling Client interview(s), background and reference check, availability, logistics, final on-boarding procedures and introduction with the concerned Client representative onsite.

Assess (post-deployment)
Our commitment to client satisfaction does not end with successful deployment of resource for any given IT role or position. We measure our performance of finding the "Right Fit" resource for our client by taking feedback on the performance of our deployed employees or resources from their peers at work or reporting managers. We want to ensure that our clients are continually satisfied with our services and provide us with more opportunities to serve their organization’s future interests.

We offer the following engagement options:

Contract Hiring:
We provide resources for short-term or long-term needs. This provides the customer with timely access to qualified resources for niche, special project or changes in workload.

This service allows customers to determine if an employee is the right fit for their company by observing the employee on the job. After the contract period is complete, the option is available to hire the employee on a permanent basis.

Permanent Placement:
We are responsible for staff recruiting and screening of candidates for the customer’s selection. Upon hiring, the resource becomes a direct employee of the client.
By choosing Porus Software as your staffing partner, you can be assured that you will unequivocally receive the same high level of deliverance and dedicated placement support service from our team whether it is contract, full-time or contract-to-hire opportunity, irrespective of where the project is located - on site, off site or off shore.